The Golden Jubilee North East Regional Spinal Injuries Centre, Middlesbrough

The Golden Jubilee Spinal Cord Injury Centre serves patients in the North of England from the Scottish Border to Barrow in the West and Scarborough in the East.


Mr Munawar Mecci FRCSP, Consultant in Spinal Cord Injuries

Mr Simon Fulford FRCS, Consultant Urologist

About the Centre
The Golden Jubilee Spinal Cord Injury Centre is located in the James Cook University Hospital which is a major trauma centre and also provides support from Neurosurgery, Spinal Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Neuro rehabilitation and many other specialities.

There are 24 beds including 4 HDU beds of which two are ventilated.

In 2012 the Centre will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the new buildings.


Address for Correspondence

The Golden Jubilee Regional Spinal Cord Injury Centre
James Cook University Hospital
Marton Road

Tel 01642 282641
Fax: 01642 854311