The Queen Elizabeth National Spinal Injuries Unit

Based at the Southern General Hospital, Glasgow.

Mr David Allan (Consultant Orthopaedic Surgery, Director of the Unit)
Mr Matthew Fraser (Consultant in Spinal Injuries)
Dr Alan McLean (Consultant in Spinal Injuries)
Dr Mariel Purcell (Consultant in Spinal Injuries)

About the Centre
The National Spinal Injuries Unit is responsible for both the acute and lifelong care of patients aged twelve years and above with traumatic spinal cord injury from throughout Scotland.
The Unit consists of forty-eight beds which are grouped into three areas: Edenhall Ward (twelve beds) provides high dependency facilities, Philipshill Ward (thirty beds) provides progressive care and the Respiratory Care Unit (six beds) for patients with ventilatory problems.
The National Spinal Injuries Unit works closely with several universities in The Scottish Centre for Innovation in Spinal Cord Injury. This unique research centre is situated within the Unit, ensuring close links between patients, clinicians and academic staff.


Address for Correspondence:

Queen Elizabeth National Spinal Injuries Unit
South Glasgow University Hospitals Division
Southern General Hospital
Govan Road
Glasgow, G51 4TF
Telephone: 0141 201 2555
Facsimile: 0141 201 2778
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